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page note: A collection of random information for the Bainbridge Island/Kitsap County website section of Real Economy & other: Key words - history, documentation, economic development, corruption, government, nonprofits, innovation, internet, ISP Channel, entrepreneurial, LTAC.

Audio productions in part are a faster way to deliver the information & a good part of my experience with video, audio and multi-media productions (see first three audio chapters of my history). There are a series of audio chapters set up for a marathon session which comprised 2 days & about 14 hrs worth of work. It was set up with an old professional radio talk show host & media guy from my past (he interviewed me many years ago on his Seattle area show for an hour relating to my Bainbridge Island Community Network project. He is currently working on a video project in Princeton relating to the history of the university and flew out here to help facilitate the documenting of this history which is now more valuable than ever relating to the direction of our governments, economy (local & global)and the net neutrality issues. His name is Greg Moore & I owe him one for his expertise & kindness and so do you, you just don't know it yet, but you will.

Keep all this in mind as you read through these notes (they will be added to & updated regularly as this project moves forward. Think of it as an inside peak at the "directors cut") and eventually the final versions will be published on Real Economy, Real Government, Diogenes Award and last but not least the revival of Bainbridge Island Community Network. More....8-1-14

DAVEHIST1 - audio

Here is the company ( RAC-TENT SHELTER SYSTEM) that is referenced in this audio story. Evolved from those early days of development ( the patent is here ) at my shop at the old Strawberry Cannery on Weaver Rd. (You will find my name listed as co-inventor. I also hold a patent on a life saving device.)

This is where I met the NSF and the origin of the internet as most people out side of the military know it. The military version was known as ARPANET

DAVEHIST3 - audio

DAVEHIST4 - audio


It is 8-3-2014, I have gotten an email informing me I was cut from being considered for the grant in the first round. Bummer... but hey, what the hell, Kitsap Bank does sit on the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce board. This is just "Bainbridge Island and who we are".

I am in many of the shots & much of my work featured as cameraman. It is an exclusive club of people in this world who have an experience of building a TV station from scratch: transmitter on mountain, studios, mobile unit, production facilities, news room, etc.

ISP CHANNEL & THE ATTEMPTED "VIRTUAL RAPE" OF THE RETAIL ECONOMY & SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF BAINBRIDGE ISLAND BY A PALO ALTO DOT-COM & LOCAL LEADERSHIP. This will be one of the most important events in the 22 year history. When the ISP Channel came after a local community website and the economic future of our brick & mortar stores. I was in the way of a major profit center for them & the story of the overwhelming support the entire leadership structure (City/LTAC Mafia) of Bainbridge Island gave them and the magnificent failure in the end. That story in part is told here at the time but will be redone, cleaned up, updated & refined in the future. neutrality.htm

The ISP Channel audio - It is a bit premature, but since I am giving you the old web story created at the time it happened, let me give you the current audio interview to go with it that explains things.

Kitsap EDC Telecom - Ed Stern, Kevin Dwyer (Kevin will connect to Kitsap Sun & Bainbridge Island Chamber, Matrix of Influence), Keatings, King, WSTPA

ECRC - Abigail Cook, David Jones, invitation for FED funding, Concurrent Technology (subset: BI Chamber, City, mayor Sutton, City Manager Nordbe, Leta Meyers, Merrill Robison - City council, ? about Senator Rolfes)

WSU Jefferson Co- Presentation - Katheren Baril, IT guy, Nancy Stump, WSTPA

Kitsap PUD - Presentation - Jay Inslee, Fran Moyer, Ed Stern, Bookie, Siberg, John Armstrong, David Jones, fiber loop.

Presentation - Kitsap County commissioners: Endreson, Bodkin, Angel

Concurrent technology - Presentation/phone conference - OTED, state wide event, Jan Angel, Dale King

Silver City group, Keatings, Dale King, WSTPA

The creation of two potential projects in history:
1) Worth 20 million annually to Puget Sound region.
2) Worth approx. 14 million annually to Bainbridge Island & surrounding area in 2008.
(Financial estimates came from like projects in the nation). Both projects were boycotted or efforts to steal & take over by local leadership

Every year I would make an attempt to see if anything has changed at the City. We would do the obligatory meeting. Mayor Sutton, Manager Nordbe, exec sec. Lita Meyers. I would submit a paper of things a community site could be doing for connecting the government to this community & improving process within the government

And one of my all time favorites right up there with the ECRC & ISP Channel stories.... THE LTAC GRANT MAFIA

If there was ever a prime example of State sponsored, funded & sanctioned social and economic terrorism targeted at small innovative & entrepreneurial business enterprises by local governments & non-profit organizations..... THIS IS IT. It is also an over two decade old story that demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt the inspiration for the Diogenes Award (searching for ethical people in government & business). But you won't have to take my word for it. There are generations of mayors, city managers, city councils, non-profit boards & directors as witnesses including the AG's office & a State Senator who has seen it all with me and nobody asks the question: What value did we get for the millions of tax payer dollars spent at the local level (state wide) over the last two plus decades? Hey what the hell, it's just free government money, right? (I've got two audio recordings/chapters on this one)



BIB & BITV NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH EACH OTHER (Board of BIB ... Dwight Sutton - Mayor, Lynn Nordbe - City manager, Merrill Robison - City Council, Winni Jones - BI Mafia don'es, Mickey Molnair - WJ mafia lieutenant and a special guest board position during this critical time (I assume because he sat on a congressional communications committee and I did take note of his donors at the time. His position was posted on the main page of their website during this telecom period.) none other than our resident Congressman Jay Inslee. So lets move on, all that cable franchise & special tax money from the City was being set up to funnel into their private non-profit organization, BIB. Then we will come to the franchise agreement with Northland, soon to be bought by AT&T, soon to be sold to Comcast and our PAID consultant Mooney who says "Internet isn't important in the franchise agreement (hired by the city/BIB mafia, one in the same) and who inserted herself between the City & Northland/AT&T franchise agreement (Winni Jones, got in my face & told me to stay clear)... and City quote: "we must rush this through before the end of the year so AT&T can get a tax break!" (official reason! I kid you not, you can't make this stuff up). But the punch line will be... Who does Moonie's wife work for as a marketing consultant?? and who knew it? (show you in a story of a City council meeting just prior to franchise vote, lots of witnesses) Hint, hint... a broadcast email came out at this time to BI that if you sign up for an internet account with AT&T you get a $25 gift certificate to Amazon. I circulated a color copy (expensive back then to local merchants, still have it. Made no difference, they are all "Hamsters", another story). My question when this story is filled out, of the AG's office. (I'll give them a heads up but they know me from the LTAC history especially Barry Peters 2008 grant) is: at what point do generations of corrupt officials perpetually ripping the people off they supposedly represent, go to jail?

(Hmmm, a lot like the recent big public land give-a-way to friends of the farm? another mafia? I have some interesting copies of their minutes. Question is which set of minutes? The ones Ryan Vancil was at or others? Whose mother was former City council with questionable history and wife current City council able to vote on such issues. Stays on board till land deal is imminent & then resigns board & become their attorney? Is this now a "paid" position? I don't know but good questions & I happen to to be involved in the M&E land deal & clear cut at the time. (personal disclosure of conflict of interest & ethical values, but "this is Bainbridge Island & who we are". Old saying on the community website attached to stories.)

Maybe Marrett Salterness the manager of Northland Cable at the time, who refused a request by me to participate in a video about this time, declined because she may still be under non-disclosure of the ISP Channel. She may want to rethink that. And where to we find Marrett these days? Teamed up with Barry Peters in Sustainable Bainbridge a non-profit he helped start after watching my presentation on what a Community Website could accomplish while on the City Council. Barry, my buddy along with Jeff Brien (chamber board & liaison to City of BI), Jack McArthure (chamber manager) & Chamber of Commerce board at large.

Again you will not have to take my word for it. The next council coming in called a conflict of interest (same council meeting, tipped off by someone. Can't remember who) in a note to City attorney (Kasaguma)?. He called a halt to the council meeting and called an emergency executive session and as Paul Harvey (radio show commentator) use to say going to commercial break: "Stay tuned... for the rest of the story".

Have I got your attention yet?... good.

So you see grass hopper... I have been forged, for over 30 years, in the corrupt fires of Bainbridge Island & Kitsap County. But in a better day in my life where people worked together, I learned the art of communications, public service (I was nominated for the Jefferson Award in 2000 by four people on Bainbridge Is. for what I had accomplished here. The state's (and Nations) highest award for public service. the problem with that whole event was the people sitting on the review board wouldn't have a clue about what I was accomplishing. They gave the award to a guy who saved someone's life. But that is OK, I appreciate the acknowledgement buy the local people. (The Review & Sun refused to publish the press release on it. Media & marketing (politics is marketing, ask Jay Inslee's marketing firm, New Man Partners), from years of video production & news experience I also know what program producers want/like: 60 Minutes, Frontline, RT, TED, Tabloids, you name it. They want a story rich in depth ie, verifiable documentation (when I printed out my documents for the radio interview set up, it was about a 1/2 a ream of paper. Hey, 22 years is a lot of documentation).

Human interests stories sell:

Especially a story about the poor little local guy under assault by a Palo Alto DotCom (ISP Channel). While he is trying to defending the future of the local retail sector against their diabolical plot to own the local internet for retail internet marketing. All the while the ISP Channel is encouraged & supported by the local leadership structure of Bainbridge Island and he (the local little guy) is perpetually getting beat up and starved to death by the "rich bastards" on the boards of the LTAC Mafia and City councils/mayors/managers/staff.

OR... Little local guy tried for 22 years to create local community website and fails.

Which of the two stories sells?

The ISP Channel story is a good example. Two decades of the wealthiest people of this Island perpetually sitting on boards of non-profits targeting my exstiction is a great story to be developed. ("If the shoe fits, let them wear it..." Bob Marley song). And the breadth, sustaining this for 22 years, developing endless projects online to help this community and watching endless non-profits & government people stealing my knowledge & projects shared with them in good faith & funding "their copied projects" with LTAC tax money or City's/County's largesse... and I am still here to tell the story. In fact I will be adding a brand new story about the Lodging Association all of a sudden deciding we need a community calendar & they will have the City backing them up with funding no doubt. Welcome to the LTAC Mafia (Senator Rolfes take note: we repeat history, again & again you and I. Too bad you missed this one personally, it would have given you three out of three in history to witness.) the corruption runs deep and broad in the waters of Bainbridge Island.

Did you know that Bainbridge Island claims jurisdiction over all water between us & the next land mass, no joke? Heard the City attorney say so at a council meeting. Sooo, I have been thinking about applying for a privateers licence with them(we have a few pirates at heart still left here). City loves license fee & splitting the new booty with them for intercepting unsuspecting boaters trespassing on territorial waters with out a licence. We will just make up a new law like the one they just did forbidding businesses from applying for the LTAC grant after 20 plus years. You are going to be amazed at how hostile this community is to businesses & which non-profits are the worst besides our City in creating who we are.

We are sort a "Cabaret" here (we are big into the arts, part of LTAC): MONEY, Money money... makes the Island go round!

This is the "breadth and depth" and the value of what is happening with this project & and others to be shared with the world today and on into the future. It will be part of my little chat with the President at the end.

Now, before you get the wrong idea... The above statement reflects a lot of what I ran into on Bainbridge Island and some in Kitsap County. But as you will see as this story unfolds, I don't paint this odesse with a broad brush. Some of my best supporters were big companies & wealthy business people. Couple of banks (one in Poulsbo and one in Portland), Washington DC beltway companies, Title Company, Navy, attorneys, WSU, Safeway and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. But in the end, it will come back to people, individuals of ethics & integrity or corrupt individuals & organizations depending on the story told. The Bainbridge Island story will show the meaning of these titles: The Matrix of Influence, Viral Nature of Unethical Leadership and last but not least... The Hamster Effect (what defeated the ISP Channel with a little help from me ;-))

Believe me it is just going to get more fun - to be continued

I will be contiguously spell checking and grammar checking, but this is all for my "set up purposes" so cut me some slack. The web sites will be the main event. You are just getting a glimpse of what a massive multi media production looks like behind the scenes (Barry Peters/Winni Jones Mafia take note: Corporate multimedia productions was one of the things the Boeing Co. hired me for.

Dave note: I need to include in bigger picture (Northwest/Nation?) If you are a spectator on this organizational page... this is a video one hour long. There is a part 35:40 min in that pertains to Brazil. I get a lot of traffic on my projects from Brazil. Worries me. Otherwise if you want a glimpse into what is important in secure infrastructure & just want to know the short cource skip to the end. I am something of a futurist in the interenet in the old days and still some on the big picture today (I can't keep up with all the variants of technology but can spot those on the right track) Cyber Security issues:

Dave note: Include this article for support, realeconomy & realgovernment, find C-Span vid referenced

Check back regularly for updates. Audio stories yet to come: LTAC Grant 1 & 2, Boaryard, Y2K, Kitsap story, future projections, more on ECRC. - Be seeing you - Dave

Dear Mr. President,
It is great to see you taking an interest in those of us who innovate, create & are entrepreneurial in spirit. I especially like your statement of how much we contribute to employment of this nation in your video. Especially since many corporations are gearing up to go overseas for the tax breaks because congress isn't interested in closing loop holes in the tax code. Those of us "little guys" will stay behind and contribute as we can. We should also talk about the history of the banks and the US Chamber of Commerce in this subject area also. I could elaborate on this subset & will in my Real Economy project but we have another problem to look at that is more insidious if you want to follow the path you are proposing.

If you didn't catch the link above listen to it now, the ISP Channel story.

The ISP Channel audio    Read between the lines of the government & non-profit organization involvement in this talk & you will see the subjects of "The Matrix of Influence" and the "Viral Nature of Unethical Leadership" combined into a deadly force targeting a local entrepreneur in favor of the "big outside money". The simple truth is the City of Bainbridge island and a core of non-profit organizations (LTAC Mafia) had targeted me for extinction for many years prior to this but had to do it subtly (back to LTAC Grants, plus). I just wouldn't die, damn.

It also accures to me you may not be familiar with what an LTAC grant is. In my 20+ year history with it I deem it the most significant influence on small cities to create corruption & an unethical culture that spreads like a cancer thought the leadership core of a city/county & maybe state. This audio is part 2 of the LTAC story that relates to things today. It will be part of a website with documentation on LTAC but needs to be included here in the "directors cut". Also includes the story about the cable franchise which is part of a future segment of local corruption & manipulation by the big telecoms on the local level. Most important and why it is here it relates to the NET NEUTRALITY ISSUE & WHAT IS GOING THROUGH THE FCC.

I also realize since you & I are chatting that you don't have a clue about my efforts as an entrepreneur to generate economy. Let me put forward another example not ready for "prime time".

Go to this old funky web page.. Sorry for the crudeness of the site, I was flat broke at the time. (still am: the BI mafia bankrupted me in 2004). Sooo, cut me some more slack beside spelling & other faux paus. It is what I presented to the world at the time. The audio below will explain the result till I build the website. Thanks for your patients & time on this. It is important to the nation & the world. We can still be a recovering leader in the world but we are like a recovering alcoholic, drunk on corruption of leadership (definition of leadership in this case is beyond my scope.)". Got a piece coming for you on what China is doing with cleaning up corruption (my counter part in China is "Mr. Fixit" the guy who created China's economic structure today. Now assigned to clean up corruption in government & business. My buddy in the Diogenesaward project. Where is Gary Loc when I need him? Maybe when "Mr. Fixit" is finished with China he can help me with Bainbridge Island and Kitsap Co.

This audio is not ready for publication outside of this site. There is an error: I refer in the beginning that the econmic value of Mystic Seaport annually is 2 mil. It is actually 20 mil. (I am still trying to refine this number). I get it right near the end. I need to fix that in an audio edit. I have more examples totalling 34 mil. annual revenue, locally, before I quite trying accomplish anything more here. I also say near the end that I gernerate 34 thousand in profit potential when it is 34 million.

I will fast forward here to the last interview in the audio series and my thoughts on where I need to work going into the furture based on what I learned in my last twenty plus years. ( In this audio towards the end I say:"... to be continued)

Well, Mr. President... I know you have lots on your plate at the moment (it is Friday 8-4-2014 and I am listening to your press conference while I work). I truly believe everything I will be sharing has great value and I would like to see it benefit the people of the world rather than just start another ISP Channel/DotCom or give Comcast another channel to charge for.

Our local state senator, Phil Rockefeller, once said to me, waiting for a Coalition for Open Government meeting in Bremerton to start: "Dave, you can judge the value of what you are doing by those who want to own and control what you have created or destroy it". I kind of like a politician who can cut to the chase. Right up there with the Gary Loc statement in the audio.

Be seeing you, Dave

PS: Oh, and if the press corp didn't say it... happy birthday.